February 22nd, 2020

Talking Zorua Takara Tomy Plush GET!!

Wanted to show off my new addition to my Pokémon family! Check out this adorable boy!

His box design is super cute! So many adorable poses! Here he is out of the box!

I spent a lot of time deciding which Zorua Plush I wanted the most, I just wanted to pick one, and clearly the Talking one is the best! (Most expensive it seems, and most difficult to find too, was he super limited?) His voice box was messed up, but I have someone fixing it for me :) Last but not least, group photo!

Next to my Talking Pikachu and Talking Emolga! :3 And of course my holy Detective Pikachu! Very happy with my new little Zorua!

ISO 2017 Pokemon Center Drifloon Mochi Plush

Hi everyone, I am searching for this plush desperately haha! It's become a top want of mine. I don't know of an exact value of this plush, but I am not wanting to spend hundreds of dollars on it. I have no preference on whether it has the hang tag, but I am looking for the plush itself to be in great condition. 

Any help finding it would be very appreciated! Thank you

(Pic for example)