February 23rd, 2020

How do YOU organize TCG?

As the title says! Just curious how you guys like to organize your TCG collections.

I'm personally not a completionist, I just casually collect~ In my main binder, I have a front section of just Pikachu + Raichu, followed by some random faves, then it's in Pokedex order for Gen 1 & 2. My big binder has other misc. faves and bulk from my childhood. The rest of my bulk is kept in a shoebox.

Been thinking of reorganizing my main binder with pages featuring my favorite artists. Do any of you do this? I'd also like to get some cuter binders sometime.

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Large Sales: Cheap End of Winter Sales + Past Sales Post

Hi everyone! I hope everyone is doing well!

I am super psyche about Mystery Dungeon coming out and I'm definitely going to try to get most of the plush when it is released! I'm kinda upset that skitty wasn't included in the plushies but regardless this game brings so much memories for me. Oh damn! She's available! Haha I have no idea how I missed it

I also would like to drop a sales post below after a long hiatus!

Here's a preview!

I have also included my older sales post. Items include Dragonite Bath Buddy, Pokemon Run Medal, PokeMomo Snorlax, 2017 Pikachu Easter Cushion, 1:1 Lillie's Vulpix

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Thank you for viewing and have a great day!