February 24th, 2020

Mewtwo and Mew

New Display, Gets, and Collection Update!

Hey all! I got a ton of fun stuff over the past few months, including some rad customs and commissions, and I'm finally showing it all off! But first, our rad new display!

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Gets time!

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Thanks for reading! Please take a sec to check out my sales if you get a chance. Click the banner or here to be transported!

Some new gets and a want

Good afternoon on a Sunday!

Today I randomly got hit with trying to hunt down some things after finally opening a box I’ve had sitting on my table for a few days!

So first up:

I Reorganized one of my Entei shelves! I finally managed to get a MIB gattai Entei! I've had the figure for a while but it was nice to finally get one in its packaging! I got the full set plus an extra heracross (croconaw, heracross x2, eevee) so if you're interested, I don't mind selling the others from the set!

Some other gets that haven't arrived yet!

Pokemon Ranger Clearfile!!! I've recently been playing this game again because, you know, ridable Entei!!! (Come on Let's Go Johto!!! I NEEEEED a ridable Entei!!!) I also got some stickers that I believe glow in the dark! I love the Pokemon Ranger art style!!! Entei looks soo goood!

Next up is a movie drawstring backpack!

I just wish there was a good way to display this kind of stuff!!!!

My last find, I'm posting under a cut! I found a mini grail of mine!!!! I CANNOT BELIEVE I FOUND IT!!! LIKE AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

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That's it for now! Thanks for looking through my post! A quick want!

I ironically have the gold and silver coins and the box from this set of medals of Entei and just need his two more common colors, copper and bronze/brass, if you happen to see them PLEASE let me know! You can click the link to see all 4 colors!

Thanks again and HAPPY MONDAY!

Question about this Tomica Pikachu and Monster Ball Car

Hello! I randomly came across this on the internet and have to say I am very tempted to get one, but I have some questions. Hopefully someone on the comm has one of these and can help me answer them ^^
1. Is the whole pokeball made out of metal (apart from the seat, wheels and the windows)?
2. Does the pokeball car only have 2 wheels, is there a 3rd wheel not shown in photo? I worried if it has only 2 wheels the paint on the bottom will come off easily at the bottom x_x
3. About how big is that pikachu?

ride on

Thanks in advance!