February 26th, 2020

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Sales Post Updated + New Items Added

I've added the following items to my sales post and lowered the price of my WCT Ditto figure:


As usual these items can be combined with my other sales posts found here:

Please take a look if anything would be of interest! I really need to clear out some items if at all possible. 

"Back from Japan" sales

Hey guys and thanks a million to everyone who purchased from me before my exchange to Japan <333

I ended up spending a bit more money than anticipated during my stay so I wanted to put up my sales post again in hopes that people might still be interested in some things ^^

I actually didn't go all that (?) crazy at the Pokemon Center (or so I'd like to think ^^") so I don't have too many new items unfortunately but I threw in a few from my collection in addition to the few extra plushies I ended up with. And I still have loads from my previous sales so please take a look if you'd like <3

Also a warning that some items might not be crossed off as sold and may not be available T__T Especially goes for flats and occasional figures where I'm not personally attached to each item. The original post had so many items that I kind of lost track, but I will continue to go over the comments in the old post and mark off any items I see that I've forgotten to cross off as sold. I'm so sorry for any inconvenience this may lead to.

New guys:
Old preview picture, but lots still available ^^

Click for full size

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All items except Flats section under the cut. Due to size limits I couldn't post it here and put my flats and sticker freebie deals over at my journal HERE ^^

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Thank you so very much for looking~!! <33 I will be home for another 2 hours then go out for a bit, but will be back to reply to quotes later today ^^

Update 27/2: If you're wondering why things are taking so long, I have a migraine and I'm not really able to get much done today T__T Trying my best to get through quotes very slowly but steadily. Thank you for your patience <333