March 1st, 2020

20th anniversary

Grail get!!

Hi everyone!

Crazy that I'm posting so soon, but I'm excited to share what I got the other day! First, a quick story:

xxlatiosxx very kindly sent me a link to my ultimate Pokemon grail, the giant Namco zorua. I was stoked to finally find one, and decided I would have Treat Yo Self 2020 and set a rule that I'd get no more plush this year if I got it. Unfortunately, my middleman was sick and wasn't able to get it before the listing was deleted. Hopfully it gets reposted in the future. In my grief, I scoured the internet with no luck, but did manage to find my secondary grail and another cutie! Treat Yo Self 2020 lives on!

These two were from fellow awesome person ayumi_ganon! I can't thank you enough, my freind. Without further ado, let's check them out!Collapse )
Collapse )That's about it for now! I won't be buying any more plush for myself this year, unless that grail pops up again. And of course they'd release that big squishy wooloo too:-:

Thanks for reading and have a great day everyone! :D