March 7th, 2020


PokemonTrader:// Spring Cleaning Sales!

Hi Everyone!

Long time no post... I recently got back from a trip to Japan earlier in February and have finally had the chance to sort through all of my luggage and get my life back in order. It was a fantastic trip to Tokyo, Sapporo for the Snow Festival and to Okinawa. If you haven't been to Japan, I highly suggest researching and checking it out if you can!!

In any case, while I was at the Sapporo Snow Festival, there was an Alolan Vulpix/Snow Miku collaboration that happened while I was there. I didn't purchase a lot of the merchandise at it did sell out quickly, but I managed to pick up a few extra can badges and clear files from the festival to offer to you guys! :) Click the Alolan Vulpix to be transported to my sales!

At the bottom of my sales post, if you are a fan of Snow Miku, I did get other merchandise though while I was there!

Thanks for being awesome and have a great day!

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