March 12th, 2020

Birthday encounters, updated sales page...

Hi everyone,

First off, if you haven't noticed already I finally changed my LJ username. It's the same name I use for everything gaming related, so I'm very happy with it! When I first joined LJ this name was unavailable, so I used 'zeraora' as my username. Back then Zeraora the Pokemon was only leaked and not many people knew about it yet. I am not really attached to the Pokemon (though I think it is nicely designed, I am just more obsessed with Fairy-types and Pokemon based on canidae), so I think someone who loves Zeraora more than me should have it as a username. I hope one of you Zeraora collectors manage to snag the name ^^

So as I mentioned in my previous post, my birthday was on March 7. To celebrate I went out of town with family for the day, specifically to the bay area where there are lots of nice Asian marketplaces. We ate lunch at Sizzler, bought tasty bread and cake at a bakery called Sheng Kee, and right next to this bakery I saw a store with tons of Japanese merch at their display window. I went in to check it out and there were lots of neat things including these Pokemon plush I quickly took pictures of-

I didn't purchase anything, but it was still really neat to come across this place. I don't really have stores like this (that I know of anyway) around where I live.

Sadly though, my family and I came home to water damages in multiple areas of our home... including my bedroom, which is where all my collectibles are located. It is the fault of the roofing company that's been working on the townhome condos here- they did not provide weather protection on the roof and it just happened to rain while we were out of town. Horrible way to conclude my birthday. Luckily none of my collectibles were harmed, but the water did soak several sections of my room including inside my closet and the carpeting around that area. Unfortunately this is the area where all of my books were kept, including the Pokemon books... every book soaked.

So because of this disaster I've updated my sales page yet again. All books I had listed there were removed, as I'm positive not one of them survived the rain. I also decided to add most of my Mimikyu side collection to my sales. I might remove them once these water damage issues are resolved, but for now they are up there. I'd like to lessen the amount of merch I need to protect, so until further notice I am also offering free shipping within the U.S. for all Pokemon and Non-Pokemon items. All other rules are still in effect though, so please be sure to read them.

Thanks for reading, and hope you all have a blessed day~

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In search of my grail; Bandai Mimikyu Keyboard Plush!

the only mimikyu i'm currently in search of is the Bandai Mimikyu PC Plush, where mimikyu comes with a wrist rest. i haven't seen him anywhere online and am desperate for him! i am trying to stay within budget, but any offers are accepted or any direction to someone who is selling him would be greatly appreciated! thank you very much!!

PCクッション ミミッキュ -
PCクッション ミミッキュ -