March 13th, 2020

LF: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Merch!

Hey folks!

With the release of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX, I'm hoping to find folks that may be willing to part with some of the older/more hard-to-find merch.

Specifically, I'm looking for the team base gachapons, shaymin sky forme plush, and a wigglytuff guild figure. Willing to pay well.

Pics and more info below the cut!

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ISO Unique Mystery Dungeon Merch, Plus Showing Off My Collection

Hi! It's your resident long time PMD fan! :) With the release of PMD:Rescue Team DX, I figured I'd put out an ISO for Mystery Dungeon merch again.

Note, I ALREADY HAVE the entire DX merch release (BUT I am after some of the pre order bonuses!), all of the old team base gacha figures, and the Time/Darkness/Sky gacha figures. I'm after more obscure things, generally, with the exception of plush; I'm missing a few of the T/D/S era ones, both US and Japanese!

Things I'm particularly after: DX pre order bonuses, lottery prizes (any era), and some of the older plush. But feel free to show me ANYTHING-- I want to collect it all!

If you have something I need, I'd be more than happy to pay a fair price for it (especially for older items), and if you have something I already have, I can absolutely give my input on the value of it if you're looking to sell elsewhere, especially things like the gachas (I've sold some doubles over my time collecting myself).

Finally, I've been running a blog for a while with my collection! This isn't everything, but it certainly gives a small overview of my collection prior to DX! Feel free to browse here:

Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help my collection out!