March 17th, 2020

PKM centre playset with trainer figures –

Hi all, just wanted to show off this cute little playset and figures!

This playset has a PKM centre on one side and a little area with a seesaw on the other. It’s really detailed and even has tiny stickers on the computer screens. The playset also closes up into a little case (Which is then impossible to open again without hurting your fingers lol) like those old Polly Pocket playsets. I remember seeing those kinds of Polly Pockets as a kid, but I don’t remember these Pokémon ones at all but since finding them as an adult collector I thought they were so cool.

The little trainer figures didn’t originally come with this specific playset but are from the same series/line of toys. I think there really sweet little figures even if Ash and Brock are oddly angry looking for this location lol.

Since I focus my collecting on human characters and stuff from the anime, I really like how the sets are all based on the anime and movies, but this is the only one I have at the moment.

I’ve seen a few people collecting them on here so what are your favourites?

Thanks for reading, till next time~

The Ultimate Grail I didn’t know I had

So a couple weeks ago I was browsing mericari and found something spectacular. I placed my order and waited with much anxiety as I watched The Invisible Man in theaters... which was giving me enough anxiety. After waiting a bit to decide to ship or not worried that with COVID19 I’d have issues importing, I decided to go with EMS and see what happened.

Well, 3 days after shipping... it arrived!!!!

Surely my “grail” isn’t an Entei Tomy figure? You know, the one I have 5 of because I find slight differences in each? (And now that I own all his official figures want even more Tomy’s >.>)

Well no! It’s not!!! Why don’t you peek under the cut for what it is!!!

Collapse )

Thank you for reading my post! Stay safe and healthy out there!