March 20th, 2020


Cleaning issues :P


I'm facing quite a dilemma this time and I was hoping to get some help here.

The thing is I got this unpacked Joy&Brock Tomy figures set, which I was really happy to get for a decent price, but it seems some mold has started spreading through the box.
Though the figures are still untouched, it's probably a matter of time (even if it takes years) when the mold will reach them as well.
I've read a couple of articles regarding the mold-on-pvc problem and they say to use vinegar and/or bleach. I thought it was quite a simple solution, until I found out the inner 'fixating' piece has some mold spots too.

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What would you recommend me to do in such a situation?

I see several options as for now, which are:

- Leave it alone and hope the things don't get worse;
- Open the box, clean the spots with vinegar or bleach and reseal the package in sake of Joy [any recommendations on opening the box with minimum of damage to the backcard, so that it can be resealed with no significant flaws, are welcome];
- Get rid of the box, until it's too late;
- Wait some more for a better solution.

Well, generally the question is 'to open' or 'not to open' as for now~