April 8th, 2020

Sharing some toyphotography & Instagram question

Hi, I hope everyone is safe and doing okay! The current situation has freed up some more time to spend on hobbies, so I wanted to share some pokemon photography :) I figured some cute photos might help to have something else to think about right now.


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I also have a question: do people here use Instagram? I like to post collection related things there as it’s easy and very much visually oriented. It'd be lovely to follow more collectors there, so feel free to comment your username. You can find my account by searching @sairen_v !

Lastly, I wanted to share a lovely get; I didn't expect this one at all! Zekrom came from a family whose cat I take care of :) The plush was originally a gift for their teen, but she didn't want it anymore. Thus, Zekrom got adopted to another home, hahah. I'm really surprised his tags were never cut off! I really wanted the DX pokedoll but never found one for a nice price. I think this guy is very similar, he's so soft and detailed ♡