May 2nd, 2020

ISO Grail!!! 2006/2007 Pokemon Center Fuzzy Mew

Happy Saturday everyone~

As the title says, I have been in search of this plush for a long time... It's probably one of my biggest grails.

According to ShiningMew, there are a few versions of this plush. I would happy with any version, but my favorite is the pinker version pictured on the right. Ideally I want one MWT (it's okay if the tag is detached) but I would be happy with one that's TTO. I don't have a particular price in mind. Please let me know if you have/see one for sale!

I hope everyone stays safe & healthy!!

Update (6/14): I FINALLY FOUND ONE!!!! I'm so happy 😭😭 I will make a post about it soon!