May 8th, 2020

Grail Help: Looking for Small Shop Service in Japan; Seller Won't Sell to Big Deputies

Update: I was able to buy it!

I found a grail I've been after since last year on Otamart but the seller was very strict in asking who is buying and he won't sell to FromJapan and I'm assuming all deputies that use accounts with a lot of feedback.

I know there's people who run small deputy shops in Japan and wanted to ask for a recommendation. The person I used to contact on eBay must have changed their name and it's been at least 4 years since I contacted them. I don't care for price but they need an Otamart account and to seem like a normal buyer so the seller will sell to me. 😰

Looking for Pokemon Trading Figure Game figures and cards

I am currently looking for a few Pokemon TFG figures and one card from the game for a project:


1 — X Attack


1 — Misty (regular or pearl)

1 — Brock (regular or pearl)

1 — Dratini (regular or pearl)

1 — Absol (regular, crystal, or pearl)

1 — Eevee (crystal or pearl)

1 — Murkrow (pearl or crystal)

I'm also looking for: Weezing, Voltorb, and Nidoran, and Beedrill, but they aren't huge priorities.