May 15th, 2020

Gastrodon Update/Grail List!

Hello fellow Pokémon lovers! Wanted to share with you guys an update on my Gastrodon collection!
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Thanks to two really nice people (one on here and one on Facebook) for helping me find two of my grails where I just need my last grail and some other items (mostly flats) and my collection will be done besides any flats! Below is the grail I need! (Gastrodon East blue stamper) and some other items I need for my collection!
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If you happen to see anything that I’m missing please let me know whether you’re selling it or not so I know to keep an eye out for them! <3 pictured below is my two acquired grails and a cute custom plush from a seller on Etsy! I sent them a picture and they made the plush exactly how I wanted it! If you like how it looks or want a custom plush done let me know and I’ll message you their link!! (Clear Gastrodon East Kid Figure and Gastrodon West Stamper are my grail gets!!!)
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Below is the current stickers I have, if you have any that I don’t have here and are looking to sell let me know! <3
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Also shout out to poliwhirl for the beautiful wood sculptures of my slug bois and to f4y3 for my blue slug boi bell plush I’ll be getting in the mail to go with his pink boi bell friend <333
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Thanks for taking a look everyone and have a great day! Stay safe! <3

Massive Grail get!! Shiny Magikarp Namco Twitter campaign plush!

Omg! I can’t believe that I am actually holding him... It’s so unreal...
He is a massive grail of mine and he is in perfect condition with tushtag and hangtag intact.

This guy could be won by entering a Twitter contest by Bandai Namco in 2017.
You had to send in a picture from a Pokemon you caught or one that got away in a Pokemon fishing game (Tsuri Spirits Pokemon version) that were only located in Namco Game Centers.

I have read that there would have been 50 pieces made maximum if there were at least a 1000 entries.
But I have also read that there were only 30 made. That info was also vaguely included in the listing that I bought.
But I can’t find any evidence if that is actually true.

Unfortunately the webpage is no longer up so I am not able to find any info.

I have tried tweeting at Bandai Namco JP just yesterday to ask them how many winners there were.
I haven’t gotten a response yet. But it is an old thread so I might not get any response at all.
If I do ever get a response I will make an update.

If anyone else has any info on him I would love to know! Thank you for looking!

Some more pics and info under the cut!
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