May 24th, 2020

Long waited and boring update.

Hey, I have no idea if anyone remembers me but I am someone that has posted a few times about his pokedoll collections and brought things from sellers occasionally. Since I have finished my higher education course now and haven't gotten anything to do yet cause I am trying to cool down for about a week before I figure out what's next. I thought I'd update everyone what's being going on in my collection.

Ever since about this time last year, I stopped focusing on pokedolls (the old ones) as I have gotten a good amount and only focus on the new releases. Which we can all say, hasn't done much. But I have been looking at other plush stuff and been collecting those mostly like fit and the official centre plush. Below in the spoiler are some of my prizes pokedolls since the last update in 2018 and other and how I got them.
[Spoiler (click to open)]

The pokedolls include a Swampert, Altaria, Salamence and DC Rayquaza (which was the most cheapest for some reason). Along with my Sceptile, Phanpy and Metagross are some of my rarest ones and proud to have.

As for the fit plush: Golduck, Ampharos, Typhlosion and Feraligatr are my only fit plush at this time (there's an arcanine on the way but that may be a while) but I am hoping to slowly expand but might not be able to drastically for a while.

The Pokecen plush, Grookey, Scorbunny, Wobble, Wooloo and Yamper are some of my fav plush. The starters I got at the London pkmn centre (with the golduck) while the rest were shipped from Japan. Yamper sadly has a bit of a twisted face and I believe it's likely a factory error (not bootleg cause it was shipped straight after release from Japan) but I still love him.

Lastly the Takara Tomy Rockruff is my latest get. I got him off Yahoo auctions Japan and I love how soft it is. I also took a pic off the standard bottom and paper leaflet thingy to help prove authenticity. Pretty sure it is and yeah lol. Finally got two doggo mons now.

I am hoping to expand into more types of plush like more fit plush, more pokecen Plush and into all stars. But for might not be able to for a while due to current circumstances. Hope is all good with everyone

How does selling pre-orders exactly work?

Hello. I was jsut wondering how does it work when you sell your pre-order to another person. For example I have a couple of Zukan items on pre-order in Taobao. If I wanted to sell those pre-orders to someone else, what would I have to provide them with after they paid me the cost of the deposit I paid?