May 29th, 2020

Updated Sales Post

Hi all, as the title states I've gone ahead and updated my sales post after a while of inactivity. I've been selling more on other sites rather than here, so anything that's gone has been deleted from my page. Since it's been a while I am also offering the following promotion for a very limited time-

U.S. Only - Free standard shipping on orders $50 or higher. Just pay for cost of items and Paypal fee. Valid until Sunday, 5/31/20 11:59pm PST.

Please click here to visit my Sales Post. Have a wonderful day!

  • ap_kun

Small TFG sale

Hello everybody !

I have got two TFG figures for sale! They are the English release of Taurus and the German release of Ekans. For more pictures or general questions feel free to dm me or leave a comment!

(Ps I am trying the app out for the first time, so if the pictures dont show up correctly or there is any other problem please let me know)

I am looking to get 15 usd each but am open to offers too !

My sales info: 

General sales rules

- Sales permission granted on December 17 2015 by areica96

- All standard PKMNCollectors rules apply

- Feedback link:

- Sales are not open to banned members

- I have the right to refuse to sell to someone

- Payments must be made through PayPal (I do not accept money orders etc)

- Orders will be shipped after payments

- Prices are open to negotiation, but keep it reasonable please (I have the right to refuse any offer)

- Shipping for large items is expensive

- Commitments have priority (PLEASE BE VERY CLEAR IF YOU”RE COMMITTING)

- Backing out of commitments result into a negative feedback

- I have a dog that does not get into my room, but I would still recommend against ordering from me if you are very allergic

- I will ship internationally from the Netherlands

- Tracking is possible. Insurance USUALLY too, but it will cost more (ASK FOR EITHER OF THESE PLEASE)

- I am no longer responsible for the item after it leaves me

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Help! Best Places to buy Pokémon stampers?

I’m always searching on Japan Mercari and Yahoo Japan (sometimes Amazon Japan) but I was wondering if there’s any other Japanese (or any other country) market places online that anyone else recommends? I was out house hunting with my husband searching for our first home when someone posted a lot of Retsuden Stampers that sadly had my grail in it and I missed out on it... (was pretty bummed as I’ve been searching faithfully for a year and the one day I didn’t get a chance to look I missed out) I don’t care about price and I don’t care if I have to buy a huge lot of stampers either to get my grail stamper. Any help would be greatly appreciated! ❤️