June 5th, 2020

ISO Still Looking For Giants!!!

Greetings all! I am still on the hunt for the tomy giants. I am willing to pay a fair price for them. I am currently in the process of owning an Entei and potentially a Latias. My next goal is a Lugia, Latios, and Suicune. If you know where I could buy one, PLEASEEEE let me know. I promise they'd have a super loving home.

ISO Japanese Lugia Cards


I'm looking for two japanese Lugia cards in mint condition and 1st edition if available for a reasonable price:

008-020-SC-B-Pokemon-Card-Giapponese-LugiaLugia 008/020 from Grimmsnarl VMAX Starter Set

                POKEMON-CARTA-GIAPPONESE-Shining-Lugia-ultra-rara-058-072-SM3-Nuovo-di-zecca             Shining Lugia 058/072 from Shining Legends

I'm based in Italy

New Mirage gets!

I know that LJ hasn’t really been that active at the moment but I still love to lurk daily and share my gets and discoveries.

This week I got this package from Taiwan and wanted to show the goodies inside.
Help! I can’t stop buying them! XD

Tagging ietne . I thought you might be interested since you have one with the other color scheme. ^ ^

What could it be?

Wow! A Legendary Pokemon has appeared! I’ve never seen this Mirage plush in it’s regular color scheme so I was very exited when I saw him for sale

But wait! There’s more! I will ad more gets and pics under the cut.
I also wanted to share a lot more Mirage gets that I have been able to obtain this past year.
Picture heavy!
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