June 9th, 2020

Alolan Vulpix

Lifesize Psyduck and Yamper?


I was wondering a few thing about the lifesize psyduck and yamper plush.

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I don't believe there is any information about an international release for Yamper and the international release for Psyduck is unclear. I know Furret was randomly released internationally after their japan release and Mareep was available for preorder from the international pokemon website so I am not really sure about these two. Yamper is releasing in late July since the preorder is already up and Psyduck is available for preorder now.

Does anyone have experience ordering these or other very large plush from proxies? I types the base dimensions into the From Japan shipping calculator and it gave me a price of 49,000 yen for DHL and 73,000 yen for FedEx, which kind of terrified me. I am in the US so even if the plush can fit in an EMS package I don't know if EMS would be available to the US by the time it comes out. I know some people shipped the lifesize eeveelutions unstuffed but I assume that they went through smaller/personal proxie services. I am not sure which proxie would be the best or if waiting for a possible international release would be better.

Any recommendations would be appreciated!

looking for some things + some questions

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is having a good start to the summer!! I've hopped on to ask some questions.

First off, is it possible to contact the Pokemon Center website and ask if they can restock certain items? There's a few recent popular ones on my wants list but I'm unsure if they would respond to any emails or the like. Has anyone ever contacted them for similar reasons? What was your experience?

Now some wants:

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June Simplified Plush Commissions

Hello community! Long time no see! I have seen recently some discussion of how slow the group has been lately. I will say that my collection has mostly moved into storage these days. But I still find myself drawn to taking commissions almost exclusively here. It makes me happy to try my hand at making all the different Pokemon. And I'm glad that I can give some love to some of the more obscure Pokemon and characters you all love.

But enough about that! Onto the commisions!
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What Are Simplified Plushies?
Simplified plush are 3 to 4 inches (sometimes 5 inches) hand sewn plush made from 2 sided patterns, with no elaborate patterning. They have many flat 1 sided pieces that are used for the more complicated details of the plush. They have plastic safety eyes instead of embroidered eyes. These plushies will only be made of felt.
* For Aditional examples of simplified plushies click here
* Every Simplified Plush will be $70 plus shipping and paypal fees
* You can also add a pink or red bow, or a bell for an additional $1
* In addition to the traditional eyes I use I also have Albino, Sparkle, and solid color eyes available. I always go with what works best for the design unless specifically asked.
* Payment is due for them in full when the plush is finished :) Unless a payment plan has been arranged
* You can commission 1 plush per slot but may claim as many slots as are available.
* WIP Photo updates available upon request otherwise, I will try to keep this post updated with my progress
Slots Available
1.jadekitty777 - Drakloak
2.yoshineko33 - Sesshomaru dog form Dog form with tongue out
3.pheonixxfoxx - Jormungar
4.zygarde2 - Puppet

All slots are full