June 10th, 2020

Small and Shiny gets! Collection update

Hi all!
First gets and collection post in almost 10 years :D
First with the gets...
So today I finally received my package that I was waiting for a month (could've been worse). Funny thing, yesterday the tracking page still showed it only departed the sellers country XD.
Here's what I got:

Collapse )

Now collection update, here's how it looks now

A lot of my old Pokemon stuff that I collected was left back in my other house in Moscow, Russia. I took my Treeko with me, no matter what :D

I was so glad when I found Charizard, Pokemon Emerald guide and other books in my garage!

The Hoopa movie set and the Shiny Beast charms were the first things I purchased upon resuming my Pokemon collecting :)

Well thats it for now! I've got more good stuff coming in the next few weeks)))

Thanks for looking! Stay safe and well :)