July 2nd, 2020

Updated wishlist

Hello community ^_^

This is a quick post about my current top wants. If anyone can help me out, they have my eternal gratitude!

1. European Bandai Sceptile action figure. The story behind this is very frustrating. I actually managed to get this several years ago. But then guess what? I forgot to pick it up from a post office and it got returned! Then I never heard from it again :(
2. Grovyle charm. Separated or in set will do.
3. Sceptile Pokédoll charm. Separate or in set will do.
4. PMD Grovyle poster
5. Treecko DX Pokédoll. This may be a long shot but I'm willing to pay almost anything.
6. (Not in the picture) I'm still missing a few clear kid figures (Treecko, Grovyle, Sceptile).

I'm going to make a collection update post soon! I have one package to receive before that :)

That's all for now. Thanks for reading ^^

Pokemon Center Japan Proxy?

Hello i am looking for someone who could ship something to me from Japan... I live in Miami, FL, US and want to pre-order the wedding rings the pokemn center has however they cant ship to me in US so im trying to find someone living in japan that i could ship them to and then ship to me... please advice if theres someone that could do this for me thanks :)

Recent gets, customs, and Kaiyodo/Zukan/kyurem wants

Hi all! Hope everyone is well. Recently I started a new collection. I got into Kyurem (all forms) ! Though I dont really have a decent setup for him as I will be moving soon anyway, I got some highly wanted items the past 2 weeks. Once I move I will post overall collection pics. I'm also starting to get back into the kaiyodo series. I used to have so many, and I sold them all :,^) I forgot how great in quality they were.
Anywho, onto the gets! I got a looot of stuff since my last post, so I'll just show some highlights
Collapse )

Lately I've been doing a bunch of customs. See them below the cut

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Wants under the cut below
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New Gets!!

So I got some new legendary beast gets!!!

These had been sitting in Japan since March so it’s so nice to finally have them!!! The zukan I was just replacing because high school collector me felt the base was unnecessary and believe I threw it out >.< ANYWAY!! The best get of all though....

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That’s it for now! Thanks for checking out my new gets!! I have another High priority Entei Want on the way that a member so kindly offered me ;-; I’m so happy to tick off so many wants!!!

Mystery Dungeon Wishlist Update

I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. I just wanted to check in and share my updated wants list of Mystery Dungeon items. Ive gotten a lot of new additions over the past few months and my collection is steadily growing.
I've recently gotten my hands on all the Jakks plush as well as many other rare and obscure things and I couldnt have done it without my friends in the community. I've been working on a collection site to document any PMD merch I am able to find and I've set up a wishlist there as well (the site is self is still not perfect and a WIP but the wishlist is updated).

If anyone here has any leads or knows anyone who has anything listed on my site please let me know!

I'm also hoping to get a hold of any store standees, posters, banners, etc particularly from the Rescue Team/Explorers era. I know it's a long shot but if anyone has any leads for store displays I'd love to know.

Thank you all so much.