July 9th, 2020

July Plush Commissions! CLOSED

Hello everyone! It has been quite a while since I last posted here, my bad! University along with the current situation in the world really caught me off guard, plus the introduction of a new puppy to the family has really kept my hands full! However, my collecting hasn't stopped, and has grown exponentially since my last posting.

To those who haven't seen me around before, hello!! I'm Ness, and I collect Latias, Victini, Dragonite, Lapras, all dog Pokemon, the Blitzle line, Girafarig, Wooloo, and starter PokeDolls! I mainly collect plush, but for my main collections (Latias, Victini, and the Lillipup line) I do branch out more into charms, buttons, pins, etc. I am brainstorming a collection website, so hopefully when that is completed, I'll be able to show the community my updated collections!

Not only do I collect, however, I also make plush myself! I offer slots here from time to time, and have now come to offer 4 more slots! However because of the new puppy things might take just a little bit longer to complete, however I hope that you all can bear with me as I hand sew you plush with love!

If you would like more info on what I make and how to commission me, please click on the read more below!

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If you are interested in commissioning a Pokemon, OC, or other creature, please read ALL of the rules under the next cut!

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My plush can also be combined with other items from my sales post! The item and your plush would be shipped together once your plush is complete :>

Anyways, without further ado, here are the slots!!
1. irrisichide
2. diamondphantom
3. jadekitty777
4. f4y3

Thank you so much for your time! Have a great day/night, and take care!! :D

Wants: Unova Pokedolls

Hiya, it's been a while since I've made a post, but I'm looking to complete my collection of Unova pokedolls sometime this year. I have only nine more to go!

The two I am most interested in buying right now are Scraggy and Red Genesect. I'm looking for pokedolls that are MWT and preferably the JPN edition.
However, if you happen to be selling any others that I am missing in addition to either of those two, I'd be happy to add another onto a purchase. (Aria meloetta, drillbur, tympole, foongus, sawk, throh, timburr)

Please let me know! <3

(Photo is not mine)

Question: finding a reliable seller for the future plush releases

Hello everyone.
I am sure you know who I may be. But I have a question to ask. Recently (okay back in May) I purchased and Pre-ordered Pokemon plush from a certain seller on eBay. An Arcanine fit plush as the purchase and a Pokemon Center Snom plush for the pre-order (get them quick I say). I'm not going to go into details except that, well... The Arcanine has passed a long-expected delivery period after having a three-week wait. I put a claim with eBay and I am not going to go into details but it looks like I may not see it and the Snom could be at risk too.

I am aware of the coronavirus can make things difficult for shipments. But I had to be safe after waiting nearly six weeks in case it got lost or sent to the wrong house. Or worse. But anyway, can I ask some details about any other sellers on eBay or other places that can provide good sales. In case of a release of a Silicobra plush by the Pokemon Centre (you never know when) or some gen 3 fit plush or a new Aurorus plush. Just so I can try somewhere new for Pokemon merch to pre-order for the future. Any help would be very appreciated, Thank You :)