July 15th, 2020

July/August commissions!

I hope everyone is doing well! Busy now but I want to continue doing some art, so thought I would offer commissions again :)

Commissions can be combined with recent resin art sales https://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/24317675.html

External Art Sites:

 Commission Slots:
1) Spearow
2) Breloom
3) Lileep!

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Comment with any questions, and thank you for looking!
  • arca9

Second Grail!

While not as holy as my previous post, I've still been looking for this fire doggo everywhere! I've never seen it mint in package before so yeah, very happy about getting him and absolutely worth the wait. Arcanine is my favorite Pokemon after all!

Done collecting for now. In the future my plans are to start collecting all the Sugimori Carddass cards. I also am currently looking for a DX Weavile PokeDoll plush! Thanks for looking!