August 2nd, 2020

Giant Namco Zorua Plush Update Photos!

I’m back with updated and more beautiful pictures of this big guy! Seriously, HES SO PHOTOGENIC!

Here he is next to smol boi, Takara Tomy Talking Zorua. Please ignore the terribly wrinkled sheet below them lol, at least Zoruas nose isn’t as wrinkled as THAT!

Wow, lighting IS truly everything. He went from Purple to Gray REAL QUICK! He’s not as badly faded as I thought, perhaps I’m just going crazy and he’s the exact color he should be...

Here he is next to me!! I’m 5’9, I’m a bit tall but TRUST me he’s HUGE xD

Can’t get enough of this big guy! He’s such a treasure!

And here he is taking up all the space in my chair... wow he really does continue to shift colors in each photo I take lol.

I managed to clean and vacuum up his entire body of all the tiny wood pieces that were stuck in him, I spent an entire day with the help of a sibling haha, there’s still plenty small ones in him, but you CANNOT notice it unless you look REAL hard. Those other ones probably won’t come out, but he looks WAY better than before!

These are the only 2 Zorua Plush that I own, I plan to get a Figure or two of him. I have only these two because as much as I love Zorua I don’t think I could collect ALL of his Plushies, and besides, my personal opinion of course, the Talking Zorua and Giant Namco look the best in my eyes!

Anyways, you all stay safe and happy! I’ll be posting the rest of my collection on here soon! :)
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