August 5th, 2020

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Sales Post Updated!

Hey everyone, I haven't posted in awhile so thought i'd share a link to my sales again, I have added some new items like a WCT Marill Plush and some Tomy plush.

As usual these can be combined with anything from my other sales posts:

Have a nice day everyone! Stay safe.

Tips on cleaning huge plush?

Just a quick question here!

I've been using my huge Snorlax beanbag chair lately, and my little, old dog discovered it too. At first I was hoping to keep him off it, but after seeing how comfy he looks on it... I couldn't say no. But, since he's old he sometimes gets stinky a little more often, and the beanbag chair needs to be refreshed and odorized soon...

This is the chair in question (sadly the stock photo looks more like the Pokemon than the actual product, but I still love it!)

I was thinking maybe one of those Febreeze bottles or covering it with dryer sheets or something, and sticking it outside during a breeze or something. But maybe someone else that has owned any of those jumbo sized plush might have a better solution? It's really not dirty or anything (except for a small stain on the foot where he rubbed his face after eating, but not a big issue), but just needs to be freshened up somehow :x