August 7th, 2020

Updated Sales Post

Hello all! Just popping in to repost sales since it's been over a month.


U.S. Promotion: Free standard shipping on any order. Just pay for cost of items and Paypal fee. Valid for both Pokemon and Non-Pokemon Sales. All other rules apply. Offer is subject to end without notice.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING IS CURRENTLY CLOSED. Sorry for the inconvenience but I do not feel comfortable with international shipping at this time. I'll be open to international shipping again once the pandemic begins to settle down. Thank you for understanding.


No new gets for me unfortunately. I've been feeling less and less inclined to add to my collection due to the current worldwide situation. I love seeing all the newest promotions going on though, that Cafe Mix (btw I LOVE this game) promotion was especially tempting! I would have liked to see more Pokemon featured as plush, like Minccino and Snubbull. I was almost going to get the Cafe Mix Eevee plushies. Maybe later in the year if there are any left I can snag one as I plan to get the San-ei female Eevee plush being released. I've been waiting for a good female Eevee plush since the release of the Let's Go! games so I am very excited for this one.

So what is everyone else doing? Are you still purchasing new additions for your collection with all that's going on or is collecting on hold? Regardless, I hope everyone is doing alright and staying healthy.

Thanks for reading!

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Updated Sales!

Hello all! Just wanted to take the time to share my sales post! I updated it with some new plush and some cards. I hope some of you can find these guys new homes!

Thank you for looking and have a nice day/night!!