September 1st, 2020

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Welcome to Our New Jr Mods!

Thank you all for your applications to join our moderation team. We received many wonderful applicantions, and we read and appreciate each of them. The love for this community is outstanding, and although we couldn't take on everyone, we did select 3 of the applicants to be our new Jr Moderation Staff.

Please give a warm welcome to:

princess_snivy - Jessica
legendaryluna - Luna
kuro_kage_kun - Kuro

We'll be working with our three new mods to get them started on their duties soon. In the meantime, please continue to come to the existing mod staff (Elder Mods?) or use the Report an Issue function if you need assistance with anything.

Thank you all for your continued support of Pkmncollectors! <3


The Moderation Staff
Pkmntrader (Michael), Moonlightpkmn (Tay), SKDarkDragon (Colette), Marphoria (Mar), Areica96 (Ayah), and Nysaurus (Alnette)
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Request: Cyndaquil, Litwick, and Goomy products

I'm on a general hunt for Cyndaquil or Goomy products.

I'm interested in checking out anything except cards. I noticed there's a new line that included Goomy I missed! (In fact it may have been 2). I mostly have "We're Goomy!" stuff (although, not everything).

My wedding anniversary is coming up and my husband adores the Cyndaquil line. Also he likes Litwick a lot (specifically Litwick, but the whole line is "cool").

I'm open to anything. I have cool Goomy slippers and a pokeball waffle iron so I like the odd items. I also like unique plushies and office supplies.

I wrote my Master's thesis in a Goomy notebook. 😎
Fire Emblem - Shigure 2
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Forced Vacation sales~~

Hey all~~ I'm on a forced (unpaid TwT~) vacation of sorts between roles at work for a few weeks, so I guess there couldn't be a better time to do some more sales! :D I've gotten some of the more recent things in lately like Shodo Pokemon vol 3 figures and lots of other figures, and I'm going to try to work out more things in my Collections sales page too. I literally had someone ask me recently about Black/White Kyurem PC Plushies I posted back in 2015, and I let them get re-homed since I still had them ^^;;

Item highlights:

Click here or the image below to go to my sales page!

Splash's PokeSales post! )