September 8th, 2020

Anyone find these tins at Walmart yet?

Well this is annoying... Usually Walmart has exclusive card tins or boxsets with jumbo cards in them, and they aren't too hard to find and come out quickly or online at Walmart's website. For these though, they apparently were supposed to be out on August 6th, and I've gone to 2 Walmarts with empty card racks (except one that restocks the single-pack promo blisters well) and the website has not had anything on them yet.

Anyone in the US be able to find these Galar Challenge Tins? I know sometimes it's a case of the west coast getting stuff late than the rest of the country (as it has been for many years), but I do understand about the current supply chain issues, as well. I'm just surprised that they have not been posted on the website, either. None on eBay either, which is also pretty weird. Did these even ever come out?

Gets + collection!

Got some new stuff recently, so thought I'd show them off a bit + my preexisting collection.

Big box!
Big box!
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Finally, some abstract and not so abstract wants:

— Claims for the new Shining Sea Rement figs, specifically Pyukumuku of course.

— The Shodo Metagross figure + the action piece

— Always new pin artists, especially ones who do less popular/cutesy mons 

— A dummies guide to the unofficial Zukan (why must they be so pricey ;-;)

Anyways, thanks for viewing!

OP_Riolu [best combo]
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Some rare sales + Cubone collection clearance ;w;

Hi guys, it's been ages since I posted but I'm still in Japan doing well. I have to let go of collection items for personal reasons, so I'm hoping someone will be interested in rehoming my Cubone lot especially! It includes the Applause plush and a lot of small items/flats.

Other stuff includes a Pokemon Time thermos bottle, pikachu heart pins (the whole set), some pretty niche 1998 bottlecaps!, some TCG, Pokebox charms... :) please take a look!

Lil preview:

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Thank you for looking! :D If you have any question at all, please reply!