September 25th, 2020

star wars cial nixon?!

wow its been a lifetime

hello again collectors. where have i been. last i posted i think i lived in japan still? tl;dr lost that job when i was attacked, returned to the states, started hrt, had a weird psychic premonition of death that no one listened to, got cancer (stage 3...), did cancer treatment, and now uh. covid has me trapped inside and turning to pokemon to restore my sanity.

you may know me as the mewtwo museum guy. but when i came back to the states i almost immediately became poor (lol) so i had to sell off a lot of my collection... these days i'm focusing exclusively on collecting mewtwo plush

... as you can see, i've got a ways to go before i've got em all.

so in the cut are the mewtwos i am seeking!

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thx yall~

edit: i guess since lj changed hands it absolutely broke its own code for cuts, so, apologies for the cut that seems not to work...

Quick Meiji Pokemon Tin Auction & Sales Post Reminder~

Hi everyone!

I've been cleaning around the house (an ongoing pandemic project of mine) and found these 2006 & 2007 Meiji Pokemon Tins! I wanted to auction them off to you guys :)

I was granted sales permission on 4/5/14 by allinia and my ARCHIVED feedback is

Auction starts at $5 each and will end 09/30 at 8PM PST

Auction Items: 2006 Meiji Pokemon Tin (Left) & 2007 Meiji Pokemon Tin (Right) (Dittochu Kid for size reference)

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Also, a quick reminder that I have added some new items to my sales post :) You can check out my sales post by clicking here or on my sales banner :)

I also have BIG collection of flats in my Flats Sales Post I recently put together! You can check that out by clicking here or on my second sales banner:

Thank you for reading :)