October 3rd, 2020

  • fdarkly

sales update

Scream for Vulpix. I've decided to part with my tiny collection of Vulpix items, including the rare Crystal Season charm and mascot plush set. Other items added too, including Chiku sewing plush, sakura Pikachu, Espeon & Umbreon charm, Sylveon mascots and the 2019 World Championships fire deck.
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Original Stich Pokemon Shirt Get!

I have the eevee original stitch shirt but have been really wanting the Umbreon one, both because I love Umbreon and because it looks like a good halloween shirt. I kept missing it from it's initial release but finally got it just in time for halloween!

Planning on filming myself unfolding it so I have a reference on how to properly put it back in the box for next time, since I can never quite get my eevee shirt right.

Ash plush from Play by Play

Hey guys, i'm looking for this cute Ash plush in his original series. It's very rare and i'm willing to pay a lot of money for getting it (at least €50,-). I want it to be in good condition. Payment can be fulfilled in anyway you guys want, though i rather not pay something from bidding or auctions due to high the prices for this plush could get (i've seen people start auctions for at least $100,-). I live in The Netherlands. Hope you can guys can help me, thanks in advance!