October 13th, 2020

Seeking ... MUNCHLAX

Ok so weird scenario. I'm playing DND and we've ended up using some of my Zukans as characters. We've decided the NPC is a munchlax (because that pickup ability and also he's a halfling so it just ... works), and now I need to find a figure. Naturally, the munchlax zukan is super expensive ... so I'm looking for options. So here I am reaching out to y'all.

I need a munchlax that is like, less than 1" x 1" wide. If you have the solo zukan, I'm also willing to purchase that. I can't afford the full set LOL. And I'll pay extra for expedited shipping.

Help! Please!

introduction post

hello all! my name is claire and i'm a relapsing pokemon fanatic.

i am primarily a growlithe/arcanine collector, but lately i've started accumulating the pokemon metal collection! so far i've amassed 73/151, with an excess of duplicates. i have a list of the ones i've nabbed so far on my personal blog that i update as i get new ones. if anybody has collected a full set i would love to see it! aaand if anybody has any figures they're selling, i would love a link to your store post! (:

i've moved a few times since i first started collecting so a lot of my items are packed up unfortunately so i'll have to make my collection post at a later date. but i do have all of my arcanine figures in one place so here's a photo!

my babies owo
my babies owo