October 14th, 2020


Selling Its' Demo stickers, sheets, and pants

Sales permission granted by areica96 on November 21, 2018.

My feedback

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The pants are $42. The stickers and sheets all $4 each. I can ship the stickers untracked as flats for free, but if you want them tracked, then they'll have to be shipped as 1st class packages. The sheets and pants have to be shipped as packages too.

The pants are free size. I tried them on and they don't fit me, so the biggest you can be and fit them is a USA L/~100 cm hips.

Gengar: available
Misdreavus: available

Gengar: available
Misdreavus: available
Drifloon: available

A quick get!

Hello community ^_^ I hope everyone is doing well!

I actually got this a little earlier but I thought I'll share it here too. Someone was selling this incredible fella for awhile and since no one wanted him, I thought I rescue him!

He's no other than Sceptile Pokédoll! He is also plush number 74 (on my way to 100 Treecko line plushies!) See more pics inside the cut!

Now I have two of them <3

And here we have the happy Sceptile family: kids, parents and mega grandparents!

I call this group "The Tribe Council" :D You know the meme "The council will decide your fate"? I wanted to make my own version XD

That's it this time! Take care of yourselves and your loved ones. Daddy Saturn takes good care of his children too <3

Let's Talk About the Pokemon Collecting Boom of 2020

Hey guys!

This year has been absolutely crazy in terms of Pokemon Collecting, and I wanted to share my thoughts on this recent demand shift.

Check it out here on my Youtube~

I am also taking commissions on custom Pokemon Floral Shadow Boxes. You can see more examples on my instagram @shadowdesigns_by_mew
To inquire about a commission, please email pikabug7@gmail.com

Not sure if this is a thing anymore but:
I was granted sales permission by rachelledon 9/3/12