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✿ Sales, Wants, Creations, & Message for Zigzagoon/Linoone Lovers!!! ✿

grail.jpg Hello everyone!! IMG_9103.JPG

I have quite a bit to show you all today! :D So buckle up!

First, a Sales Reminder! I have tons of cute plushies, figures, flats and more waiting to be homed! <3 Feel free to throw me offers for some things if you don't like the prices.
There is a secret grail item i'm trying to buy but it is veryyy expensive so i need to save as much as i can! :D

Next, I just wanted to ask if anyone has seen these items for sale or any items that go with them:

They are from a 2003 Pokemon Center Promotion, and look who is included!! Ziggy!! *u* I really hope to find these!!

So last week you may have noticed me posting everywhere except here that i finished a couple projects i've been working on!

First, my slurpuff pokedoll!! He took a bit longer to make than expected, but i did do it completely by hand, and didn't use my machine! I made the pattern myself, and tried really hard to base it off of the poke-doll style! He came out the perfect size! I'm very proud. Although he does have some noticable flaws, i am still happy with him! I can't wait to start working with minky fabric! Once i do, im going to remake him with it in both regular and shiny colors!! :D And the next time around ill be able to fix up the flaws!

My two plush babies together<3

Comparison with the Pokecen Swirlix plushie!

Next is my very first sculpture!! :D I thought i might be pretty decent at sculpting, so to experiment i bought some cheap air dry clay from walmart and viola! An adorable sleepy ziggy has been birthed! <3 He will get another gloss layer tomorrow to protect his paint! I'll probably make some more little guys with the rest of my clay!

Finally, i've been most excited to tell you guys about this!!
linameerun and i have created a Zigzagoon & Linoone Fan Club on Facebook!
Anyone who loves zigzagoon and/or linoone can join and share pictures, buy/sell/trade items relating to them, even just discuss how awesome they are!! It is NOT just for collectors of them! So anyone who likes them can join! C:
It doesn't have too many members yet, so i hope that more people will join and have fun sharing their love for the best Pokemon ever. (in my opinion anyways xD )
Click on the Banner i made to go to the group page! : D

That's about it for today! I have the next two days off so i hope to start some new artsy fun projects! C:
~ Thank you for looking! <3
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