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sale sale sales!!!

I'll have everything shipped out this week from the previous sales post sinc eI just got back to my place from the parent's for the holidays.

Anyways, here's a full sale post, please help me get rid of this crap XD New stuff, too :3 I take trades as well, Chou getto, kids, Uxie things, and I like the e-reader series of cards with the scannable games! Don't be afraid to ask, I accept most. I also haggle :3

I'll have a collection update tomorrow :)

sale001.jpg picture by Twilmer

Pokemon Manga: 2.00
Butterfree MArble Pouch: 1.00
Magnets: 0.25 each
Gryffindor Badge: 0.25
Cyndaquil thing: 0.25
Zelda case with game covers and stylus: 10.00 OBO
CCS Movie: 8.00 OBO

sale002.jpg picture by Twilmer

Staravia Paddle with balls: 5.00
Butterfree book: 2.00 OBO
Clefairy talking figure: 5.00
Jiggly talking figure: 5.00
Chingling: 3.00
Clefairy claculator: 2.00 OBO
Chansey pokeball reverable: 1.00 OBO (hold)

sale003.jpg picture by Twilmer

BK toys: 0.25 each
SOLD: Ditto, Voltorb
HOLD: Blastoise, Chansey

sale004.jpg picture by Twilmer

Tomys: 0.25 each
SOLD: MArowak, Mew, Alakazam

sale005.jpg picture by Twilmer

Torchic: 5.00
Starly: 3.00 (hold)
Pichu: 3.00
MAwile: 10.00
Poliwhil: 0.50
Meowth keychain: 1.00
Talking Meowth: 1.00
Spinerak: 3.00
Squirtle with ball: 5.00

sale006.jpg picture by Twilmer

0.25 each
SOLD: Jiggly, Snorlax
HOLD: Electabuzz

sale008.jpg picture by Twilmer

Reverse holos and special holos: 0.50 each
HOLD: Hoppip, Spoink, Lanturn, Makuhita, Hariyama

sale009.jpg picture by Twilmer

1st editions, old Japanese cards, starburst cards, and holo wailmer: 0.50 each
SOLD: Kakuna, Jynx
HOLD: Dragonair, Wailmer

sale010.jpg picture by Twilmer

Magmortar, Gardevoir are 2.00, Marril is 0.50, everything else is 1.00 each
HOLD: Aggron

sale011.jpg picture by Twilmer

All holos here are 1.00 each

sale012.jpg picture by Twilmer

0.50 each or 3 for a dollar
SOLD: one light wiggly, one light golduck, one mareep
HOLD: both Houndour, Mareep, Both Eevee, Dewgong, Vulpix

sale013.jpg picture by Twilmer

Freebies, one with each purchase, or 0.25 each if you really want one :3
TAKEN: Lugia coin, Baltoy Bean, aerodactyl coin, Moltres coin
Tags: butterfree, cards, meowth, sales
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