Lindsay (linameerun) wrote in pkmncollectors,

♥♥ Ziggy wants, Wailmer want, Pika want ♥♥

Hello hello!

So many things happening here on PKMNCollectors, I love it! :D I have been here more than 1 month I guess, and I'm still happy everyday that I am part of this community with you guys, everyone is so helpfull, sweet and nice!
Also I bought a lot (not only zig items) but also others, just too many nice pokemon stuff!!

Okay, this post is mostly about my Zigzagoon wants, I was hoping some of you have something for me for sale?

Click HERE for my Ziggy wants!

Also, I am looking for a Wailmer Pail, like this pic:

If you have seen this, or have this for sale please let me know, you would make me sooo happy!
(Picture is not mine but from Furrettails. If you want me to delete, please let me know! :) )

Also I am looking for this very cute old Pika plush :3 For some reason I forget when it will be released? I know in 2016, but when? And what about pre orders? And does someone know it's official name?

Thanks so much for helping me guys!! :D
Tags: pikachu, pokemon, wailmer, wants, zigzagoon
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