drifloonx (herar) wrote in pkmncollectors,

lotsa pokeplush ga - final payment!

Hey everyone! I received the lots of pokeplush GA today! So I'm taking shipping payments!

Totals are as follows!

eboncharizard - $3.47 (for rotom, regigigas, zorua, and axew pokedolls) - SHIPPED
butterfreeboy - $2.41 (for mime jr pokedoll)  - PAID - MARILL PETIT EXTRA
starpurrloin - $2.60 (for jolteon pokedoll, chikorita and totodile canvas) - SHIPPED
rainiflower - $2.41 (for emolga pokedoll) - SHIPPED
aurorabeams - $6.56 (for charizard pokedoll, stunfisk canvas, and chikorita petit) - SHIPPED
fuzzytorchic - $2.41 (for piplup pokedoll) - SHIPPED
bandanna_boy_17 - $2.50 (for tepig pokedoll and deerling pokecen) - SHIPPED
nicolarbear - $2.41 (for deoxys pokedoll and mudkip petit) - SHIPPED
zamakiko - $2.41 (for totodile petit) - SHIPPED
mixie94 - $2.41 (for laying minun plush) - SHIPPED
chaobu - $2.41 (for jirachi pokedoll) - SHIPPED
kiiyame - $2.41 for espeon pokedoll) - SHIPPED

Please send your totals to herar@smileandleadcustoms.com with your user and the items you won in the memo!

All plush came without hang tags and are in varying condition (loved to good condition) with a few exceptions which I will note below:

rainiflower - unfortunately your emolga was in the worst condition. :( It's missing it's tush tag and there's a big hole in the back of its head. Pic: http://i.imgur.com/nkTbIwI.jpg

bandanna_boy_17 - deerling has stains on her flower and ear, but i feel like they may be able to be washed out? Pic: http://i.imgur.com/8zDxfhz.jpg

nicolarbear - Deoxys fabric is really piled. Pic: http://i.imgur.com/PJ6E4HP.jpg

We still also have some extras for sale!
These are all $5 EACH. They are open to participants for the first 24 hours and then for the rest of the community after that.

Lapras, Turtwig, and Squirtle have loved fabric, the rest are in good condition.
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