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Want List

Hey guys,

Came back for another "want" list most of them consist of Lati@s goods. If there's still anything you would have please let me know. Shipping would be to the States.

*If there's anyone who doesn't want me to use their photos please let me know, and I'll take it down.

Shiny Latias Kid

Movie Pamphlet (Mint) prefer somewhat new not used

Movie Coin (MIP)

Suction cup figure Latios
「latias movie goods」の画像検索結果

Lati@s Pokemon Time Sticker

Pen Case

Anything from PokePark 2005 or the movie goods I definitely would like to see. ^^

I do have this Lati@s postcard already

Osaka Tepig Plush (MWT)

Also a question to the community, when you're desperate to purchase a big order would you sell your prized possessions? I mean, usually when I do sales I stay away from selling my plushies since they have so many memories with me. Now that the cough Jumbo Pika is at the Pokemon Center US website, I'm still not sure what I can do to save up for that big fella.

Not to mention the 3rd batch kuttaris and Christmas promo is coming also in Japan soon.

I'll come back again soon, when I get the next new order from Pokevault in the mail. ^^
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