shinysylveon (shinysylveon) wrote in pkmncollectors,

New plush at Walmart

I went to Walmart today and saw some very.. uncommon stuff in their Pokemon section..
There were:
-all 3 Kalos starter Petit keychains
-all 3 Kalos final evolution Pokedolls
-a Pignite standard plush
-two Patrat standard plush
-a Zekrom Pokedoll

I was so confused, how the heck did Unova plush from 2012 end up in my local Walmart? The Petit plush were around $7, the Patrats were $12 and Zekrom was $22. I didn't see the prices for the others but they're probably the same. I almost bought Zekrom, but I like Reshiram more, so...

I wonder if other Walmarts have different new plush? *0*

Interesting to see they're getting more Pokemon Center plush now, since they had the Kanto starter Pokedolls in the summer (I never saw them myself, though). Sorry I don't have any pictures OTL
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