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Another batch of custom Kaiyodo TFG appears! Now featuring Clear Parts and a Mega Pokemon!

Hey guys! It's been awhile I haven't posted anything about custom figures... So now I'm back for more! I'm pretty interested in dynamic and detailed miniatures and Kaiyodo absolutely delivers pretty much "Perfect" figures, at least for me. Anyhow, without further ado, here are my prototypes! One last thing, sorry for the bad photography, lol. All I can say is that I like looking at them better in person.

Only the Ditto pose was not designed by me. All credits go to the original Japanese designer(forgot the name). For the rest of the figures, I designed, sculpted and painted them all based on imagination.


Mega Audino
This is probably the first fully customized Kaiyodo inspired Mega Pokemon in the world. This now belongs to mizunosakura.

Shining Magikarp
This fish is officially the most useless TFG in the world. I've also made it to look like it's pretty wet from splashing. Even the mouth looks like it has water in it and of course, it has clear water splash.

I love this frog's eyes. I think they came out pretty decent. It also looks pretty wet!

This figure was just so random. I was thinking maybe I needed to make more 1st gen figures.

I think a lot of people love Altaria, it's the reason why I made this.

How about a TFG from the latest gen?

This little prankster Pokemon was specially made for kidgengar. How about a twin shadowball attack?

Well there's an official Dratini TFG and I already made a Dragonite, so it's time to complete the evolution line!

I've always liked Vespiqueen. It looks pretty cool to me. It's BEE apocalypse!

Ditto is just a blob and it's really nothing interesting to make. Of course, it doesn't mean we can't add a little bit of spice and everything nice to it. I think the design makes a pretty good Kaiyodo figure.

Last but not the least, well it's definitely one of my favorites, Hoopa the legendary pranster Pokemon! I've made the rocks to be Kaiyodo style and quality. This looks more like a TCG figure than a TFG though.

That's all for now. Thanks for looking! Happy day everybody :)
Tags: altaria, audino, chespin, combee, ditto, dragonair, gengar, hoopa, magikarp, politoed, venonat
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