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More Slots open for my "Pokemon with food" drawings!

*** SLOTS ARE FULL ATM - Thank you all! :) ***

Hello everyone! <3 :)

Since I finished the first 3 slots for my drawing commissions, I can open more now! I just made a few price changes since I made a little mistake in shipping costs and I charge paypal fees now, because they´re a bit high ;_; (I think 5$ for a colored drawing is a great price though!)

You can see the old post here:

Rules & prices are below and under the cut! (please read them)

The pricing is: 5$ per drawing (+ 3,90$ Shipping to everywhere+ 0,50$ PayPal Fees)
Sorry the shipping is so high because the drawings are too big, even when they´re just flats! :/


- Sales permission granted by godudette on may 2013
- Shipping is from germany worldwide!
- I accept Paypal only
- You can pay after your commission is finished within 48 hours!
- Shipping is without insurance and without tracking - please tell me if you want insurance & tracking! Otherwise I'm not responsible for lost packages!
- I will only work at weekend. So every commission may take one week or longer in exception
- Shipping international may take up to 4 weeks in generell

Shipping Costs:
- For International buyers: You will pay 3,80$ 3,90$ shipping costs, no matter how much drawings you order!
- For Buyers within Germany: 1,45€ ^^

Commission Price:
The price for one pokemon with food drawing is only 5$ (before shipping costs+ paypal fees)!

New Slots:

1. absol - Mega Absol with a brown pokepuff
2. toxiee - Shiny Lopunny with a supreme spring pokepuff
3. mixie94 - Xerneas with a pumpkin
4. starpurrloin - purrloin with a cheese-pizza in grass area

If you wanna take a slot, please answer the following questions^^:

1. Which Pokemon? (only one)
2. Normal or Shiny?
3. Which Food?

I would be happy if you take a look and thanks all for your interest! <3 Have a great day! ^_^
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