espen (umbreonpng) wrote in pkmncollectors,

(overpriced) get x____x

hey all!! i love being up at 6am so i figured i'd introduce my new pal!

can you spot her?

its the sylveon! ive named her rose after my first sylveon in my x version, heheheh
shes the tomy x/y sylveon! i picked her up at walmart the night before last! ive wanted her for a while!

though i paid WAY too much for her..... she was nearly 12 dollars which i would NEVER have paid if walmart had the price for their x/y plushies displayed........... but shes a part of the family now and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten

also! if i wanted to offer commissions here on the community, would i have to have sales permission first? :0 (i actually applied for sales permission recently! crossing my fingers aaaaa) of course to buy things, you have to have money first! and to get feedback, you have to buy things! if i cant then thats ok!!! ^^

ANYWHO i think im going to be getting one of those prepaid credit card things here soon, so ill be looking to buy stuff from my wants list if i can!! peace out!

Tags: sylveon
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