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mini sales + need US middleman

i've gotten many new items i'd love to show everyone but since theyre mostly still packed from my move, it will have to wait a little longer ! so i figured i could whip up a sales post to show some sort of activity.

no title

i was granted sales permission on 15/04/2013 by dewott
my feedback can be found here


  • i ship from Finland and will ship worldwide

  • items come from pet friendly home, please do not buy stuff if you're extremely allergic to cats

  • payment via paypal only (finnish customers: i'm fine with bank transfer aswell)

  • please be sure to be clear when you're committing and when you're asking for a quote. backing out a committed sale means negative feedback

  • holds and payment plans can be discussed

  • to make things easier for both of us, please link the image/s and list prices please

  • no haggling on items that don't say OBO, and buyers willing to offer the full price get priority over offers/haggling

  • i might accept trades for items from my want list (CLICK HERE)

  • please always leave feedback,

  • i'm not responsible of items lost or broken in the mail


  • i'm a slow shipper as i'm somewhat physically disabled (i live near a post office now, so it is bit more faster than before). it usually takes 1 week to get stuff mailed as i want to mail as many packages as i can at once (and i need to wait for the shipping funds to transfer from paypal). i will let buyers know when their packages have been shipped

  • EUROPE shipping: flat items (less than 2cm thick) start at $1.20, items over 2cm thick start at $7.40, bigger items start at $25

  • OTHER INTERNATIONAL shipping: flat items (less than 2cm thick) start at $1.20, items over 2cm thick start at $10, bigger items start at $40

  • tracking and insurance are very expensive and for some reason only available for PRIORITY letters

  • please understand that shipping costs are high, especially to US and it usually takes one week to arrive in Europe and 2-4 weeks arrive elsewhere.


i only ask for your patience when it comes to shipping /_\ and if you have any questions, please be sure to ask beforehand !


Good condition, just bit dusty, has both tushtags (they have little fraying), very small crack/"hole" in right eye, the iridecent parts are like new

Bit loved condition, has both tushtags (the bigger one has yellowed, see picture), no cracks in eyes, the iridecent parts around the neck are bit worn, other wise in good condition

Good condition but has some dirt under the left foot, has both tushtags, no cracks in eyes but only has the "blush" on the right side (see picture), the iridecent parts are like new

Bit loved condition, has bot tushtags, no cracks in eyes and has both "blush" spots, this one has blue claws on his hind legs (manufacture error I think, see picture), the iridecent parts are in good condition but the lines on his stomach have faded

Both are in good condition and have tushtags, Poliwag has some weird stain/spot on the backside and near his left eye
$5 each

All are very loved, Mewtwo is dirty, Ivysaur doesn't have a tushtag and Psyduck has some cracks in his right eye
$4 each
SOLD: Meowth


Big size Walky Eevee, has all tags and the emoticon charms (they've yellowed, unless they're supposed to be bit yellow ?)
$40 OBO

Pokemon Center NY Search for Red Gyarados pins (backing is not for grabs)
$8 each OBO
SOLD: Scyther, Meowth/Snubbul

Kid figures (good condition, Pikachu and Empoleon are Movie edition)
$2 each
SOLD: Cranidos

DX Kid figures (good condition)
$5 each

MIP Zukans (Misdreavus/Mismagius, Buneary/Lopunny, Budew/Roselia/Roserade x3)
$5 each
SOLD: Buneary/Lopunny, Budew/Roselia/Roserade x2

Lugia Zukan (used conditiong, has quite a lot of marks)
$5 OBO

Zukans (Teddiursa doesn't have a peg, Snorlax line has some marks and no begs or base, Mantine has small marks on other wing, Electivire line has no pegs, Bastiodon line has no pegs or base)
Mantine line $10 OBO
Ursaring line $10 OBO
Snorlax line $10 OBO
Electivire line $10 OBO

Bastiodon line $10 OBO

Stray Zukan pieces (good condition)
$3 each OBO
SOLD: Miltank

Tomy figures (Zapdos is 2007 version, Hoenn Pokemon are 2003 versions, Absol is quite dirty but seems to be cleanable)
Zapdos $6
Groudon $6
Salamence $10 OBO
Absol $13 OBO

Charizard and Chikorita Cubitz $1 each
Jolteon metal coin $1
Jolteon custom pin $1 or free with purchase over $10

Free with purchase (may rise shipping costs !)
TAKEN: Unown zukan, clear Ash zukan

Have a great day !

also i'm in need of a middleman from US but i don't know if it's okay to ask since the item is not a pokemon related item...? but if someone wants to help me, please let me know. it's listing on ebay and not very expensive one either (and it seems to have free shipping in US). FOUND !
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