Amanda (nefhithiel) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Many tiny gets!!

Greetings friends! 😄 I've got some super tiny gets in the mail recently that I thought I'd share. I love tiny things don't you? 💕💕

Here we have Dratini and Snorlax keshimon, a Munchlax mega blok from kayeechu1993, GORGEOUS Snorlax art pin (holy crap you guys this thing is amazingly beautiful) from poliwhirl, Electivire keshipoke from eledora, Munchlax zukan, and Darkrai Rumble figure from evilashi. I'll be leaving feedback this evening for those transactions I haven't already gotten to. ❤️

Follow the cut to see more (larger) goodies!

Traded for some Dratini cards over on Instagram 💕

The nebukuro washcloth and AWESOME Snorlax deck box came from herar and the Pokemon with You badge from stalkingsuicune. Jakks Electivire came from eBay!

Another pic of the precious Keshis with a Pikachu I've had for a while. I have a gold Snorlax as well. I regretted paying so much for them until I got them in the mail. They are amazing. <3

I use the deck box to stack up some things in the lax display!

I also got the Pikazard postcard from Herar. It went in a frame!

I traded with the lovely pikachux for this plushie and he also threw in a lanyard and tcg coin! Thank you so much!

This custom Dr Pikachu button came from etsy.

That's what I've got this week! Thanks for reading! :D Any feedback I need to leave will be taken care of tonight. ❤️ DONEE
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