January 11th, 2021

50th reintroduction/Show me your Gengar collections!

Hi! I'm Rarity_Skye and i cannot even remember when i forst joined this community. 2012 maybe? I own this lovely Sylveon and Glaceon collection. C9B4F734-530F-45CA-9BDF-430F82848A59.jpeg
119E7F08-7630-40B7-87C4-CDCB00BB3A15.jpeg I think i make a few posts like once every couple years and they always warrant reintoduction as i recognize none of the usernames when i come back. Lol. But its easily still my favourite comunity to buy from and to go to with my collecting questions.

So. My main reason for revisiting under the cut!
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Thankyou! -Skye

Advice for items like these on yahoo!auctions

Hi everyone, long time no post.
I just wanted to ask a question about some certain items I occasionally discover while using Buyee to browse yahoo!auctions for any possible cheap finds. They are plush merch, normal posts but they just use stock photos or photos taken in any business environment. Of course, they are usually cheap in pricing. I got some screenshots to show what I mean.
[Spoiler (click to open)]

Are items like these safe to buy or gamble on? Just wanted to be safe as right now especially with money.
Thanks in advance. Hope everyone is doing well