January 16th, 2021

Updated my sales post.

Been having so much free time since its slower at work and fewer hours, so added a decent bit and some stuff sold so its now updated.

So many amadas. O.O Click the pic to go to updated

Hope everyones new year is starting out as good as it can be, with everything in the world today. Hope you all are staying warm and best wishes ^_^

Huge Pokemon Sales Post

Hi all! I am selling off a huge chunk of my collection. I have 100s of plush and figurines up for sale. There's also lots of rare items!
I have tons of items from the Litten line and Rockruff line up for sale as well as many other pokemon! Please check it out!

My sales perms and rules can be found on my sales post.

You can click the picture or the link below to go to my sales post.


Looking for: Red Genesect Pokedoll

I'm hoping to complete my Unova pokedoll collection sometime soon, and I'm currently on the lookout for this guy! Let me know if you've got him for sale! :D MWT only, please.

Though they are not my priority now, I may also be looking to buy the following pokedolls: Aria meloetta, drillbur, tympole, foogus, sawk, throh, and timburr. JPN versions are somewhat preferred, but I'm willing to consider any that are MWT. <3
Feel free to also show me any reshiram, zekrom, zorua, and zoroark merch to consider, it's always fun to search sales for something I don't have yet. :3