January 27th, 2021


My Pokemon TFG collection


I'am a Pokemon TFG collector from the Netherlands.
Looking to trade/buy/sell those missing figures I or you have.

Showcase of my current TFG collection.
As you can see I also have 1st Edition figures. Curious to know how these were distributed. Any info around this is welcome.

Regards Marcel

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Chef, Charmeleon


Been a while since I've posted here, thought I'd go ahead and reintroduce myself as I plan to be a bit more active again~

I collection Charmeleon and Raikou stuff~

And in the future I'm mainly gonna be making trade posts for anything I don't have in my collection quite yet~

Also if anyone needs a better picture of something in my collection for wishlists or anything, I'd be happy to take better pics of stuff~

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