February 7th, 2021

Introduction Post!

Hi! I just joined this community so I wanted to make a quick intro post. I am a collector of video game merch in general including Pokémon! I don't have a big collection like a lot of the people here but I have items from many different lines/generations and a few specific sets I really like. 

I really enjoy looking for Pokémon plush and figures on Chinese marketplaces such as Taobao and Xianyu. Not a lot of rare or desired merch shows up, but there is a lot of more modern merch that shows up for cheap and affordable prices there. Additionally, limited sets like Groundbreakers and Third Set for TFG show up pretty regularly and you can get factory samples and prototypes as well thanks to China being home of most Pokémon merch production. I'll share some of the interesting stuff I have picked up here from time to time!

My main interests and sets I like include Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, Gen 3 merch, Pokémon TFG, Pokémon Kid/ Finger Puppets and prototype figures. I additionally also really like the unofficial bootleg "Olyfactory/Frontwinner/Onlyfactory" 12" plush but I won't talk about them too much on here.  

My favorite Pokémon is Breloom, but I don't specifically search or collect merch for it. I also love all 3 of the Gen 3 starters and their evolutionary lines.  Once I post here some more I plan on offering some of the items I find for sale so keep an eye out! Thanks so much for reading!


Hello, dose anyone located in the US happen to have Tomys in their sales posts for cheap or decent prices? I am looking around for some. If you have some sales posts with tomys, can you show me links?

thank you! :) 

Tomy Figure Cleaning Advice? ... Also Free TCGO Codes

Hi Guys!

I was a semi-active member here back around 2014-2015. I even found my old community coin. :)

I haven't really posted at all since, but sometimes I lurk a little. 

Back then, with the help of this community, I was able to complete a full set of the first and second generation Tomy figures. I recently moved and got a new acrylic case for them. I think it looks pretty nice! I could mount it on the wall too, but I'm trying not to put too many holes in the apartment.

I originally had them sitting in the brown display bookcase shown next to it in the picture, but it must have gotten really humid one day (I don't have air conditioning) and when I took them out to move I found they were stuck to the shelf. It's like some of them absorbed some of the shelf's color? Does anyone have any suggestions for how to clean this off or do you think it will be possible?

On another note, I recently got back in to collecting cards a little (like everyone else lol). I always liked looking at the art. I have no real interest in playing the trading card game online though, so I have no use for these codes. I'm putting the codes I've accumulated below incase anyone is interested.

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I hope everyone stays safe and healthy and your collections keep growing!