February 10th, 2021

Moved to a new place, need merch!

So I had to downsize my collection when I was preparing to move and all that....but now that I got to move out AND got a promotion...I'm ready to revamp my pokemon collections.
It's been YEARS since I got anything and really just took inventory and all that so please bear with me because I have no idea what's come out and what exists. I have searched here and there every once in a while, but I'm really out of it lol

I am MOST interested in plush (mirage included), but figures are cool too. No flats for now.
Please comment if you have any sales!
Bold pokemons are the ones I want the most and will try and prioritize.

Priority will be given to plush. After that it will depend on how interesting or unique the item is for me. I wish I could buy everything you guys have, but I don't want to overload on my limited space just yet.

Pokemon I'm interested in:

  • Poliwhirl

  • Hypno

  • Jolteon

  • Absol

  • Mr. Mime (Galarian version too)

  • Raikou

  • Typhlosion

  • Weavile

  • Swablu

  • Duskull

  • Dusknoir

  • Electivire

  • Pyroar (male)

  • Drampa

  • Glaceon

  • Eelektross (might be interested in the whole evo line too)

Green and Gold
  • hebilea

Tohato stickers and snacks claims?

Hello guys!

Hope you are doing well. Our situation is still pretty bad and so far we have lockdown until middle of March, which really sucks. Please stay safe you guys!

I come to you today with some Tohato stickers and snacks if you would be interested?

They are super delicious crunchy chocolate snacks!

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Claimed by others so far: 2x Grimmsnarl, Snom, Pincurchin, Low Key Toxtricity, Obstagoon, Mimikyu, 2x Ponyta, Dubwool, Greedent, all of Scorbunny line, Sylveon, Grookey, 2x Dragapult, Dracovish, 1x Thievul, 2x Yamper, Frosmoth, 1x Gengar, Zigzagoon, Hatterene, Pikachu, 2x Grookey snacks, about 5x Scorbunny snacks, Suicune sticker, Suicune snacks 2x, 1x Lucario sticker, 1x Lucario snack

I will ask for payment once they arrive to me, they are on their way already!

Also, if you would like to, I can combine the shipping with the items from my sales!


Please GO HERE for all the sales!

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Thanks so much for looking!

Anyone aware of this McDonalds Pokemon cards frenzy?

So McDonalds recently started a Pokemon card Happy Meal thing, with a bunch of exclusive cards they're giving out.
And apparently, this is a SUPER red hot commodity! People are buying these like the hottest of hot cakes. (And are being sold on ebay for ridiculous prices! So it's actually become problematic.)
I'm wondering, is anyone here on this big craze as well? Anyone looking to collect them? I don't even collect the cards, but it's got to the point where I'm almost curious to inquire at my local McDonalds's myself just to see if they have any at all. And if people on this site are interested in any of them, that could be a fun endeavor. I sure wouldn't want to be part of the problem though.