February 11th, 2021

Sales and Claims for terrarium 9

Hello everyone!
I'm here with a claim for the rement terrarium 9 set and some sales. Still going through some things, so I'll have more to sell once I get through it all, so for now, here is what is up for grabs!!

Sales permission granted by Denkimouse Jan 2, 2011

I ship from the USA.
I can ship internationally, but it is very expensive, so I am hesitant to ship internationally, but I will if it is understood how expensive it is.
prices do NOT include shipping.
claims before quotes.
willing to haggle, but may decline if too low

These are $12 each before shipping. Should arrive in a week or so, dont pay until in hand.

Pikachu with pichus -
Torchic - FB Claimed
Jigglypuff with meowth -
Piplup - FB Claimed


Duraludon Scale world (yes, it is the one that came with Raihan. price is half of what I paid for the two of them.) - $45

Pokemon Kuji Dramatic towels - $12 each
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