February 15th, 2021

Appletun Plush, Potential Variant? CONFIRMED

(EDIT-- 2/17/2021 I just saw a picture in another one of my groups of someone who bought the US Appletun. Yes, it looks exactly like the picture posted on the US site. So the US and JP versions are different. I can't post pictures of the US version here since I didn't ask for permission, but I'm guessing you guys will be seeing more pictures of it as people get it in.)

The US Pokemon Center got the Appletun 21 inch plush today. From what I heard it sold out in an hour. I'm always very interested in seeing the differences between US and JP versions of plush. Right now the biggest indicator for me has been the white tush tag. If it has the US scroll version, then the US and JP versions are the exact same with the exception of the hang tag. If the JP version has a different tush tag, then there has to be something different.

The one on the left (or top depending on your screen) is the Appletun from JP. The one on the right (or bottom depending on your screen) is the Appletun from the US.
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