February 16th, 2021

Pkmncollectors Collection Master List

Due to popular demand, the pokemon collection website is back. (:
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helioptile cute

Mega grail get + Helioptile custom collection + Small re-introduction! <3

Hi everyone! Feels a bit weird posting since I've been actively lurking around since my last post in mid-2019 (oops haha), but I hope you're all doing well! I managed to get my hands on a grail that I didn't really realise was a grail today, so I thought I'd share my happiness <3

Since it's been a long time I should probably re-introduce myself as well since there's been a lot of new members hehe! Hey, I'm nerucake and I'm a (mainly) plushie collector from Australia! Feel free to just call me Neru. c: I've been on PKMNCollectors since 2017 and my collection has exploded in size since then haha! My favourite Pokemon is Helioptile and I'm always on the look for new customs! I kind of just buy everything I find cute of Pokemon I like too.. Hopefully I'll put my butt into gear and make a full collection post soon but I hope you enjoy my mini one today. c:

Okay so without further ado, who is this little cutie under the cut....!

Collapse )

I hope you all have a great day, thanks for reading! c: <3

Tomy Figure Test Shots/Prototypes!

I wanted to start showing off some of the interesting items I have picked up here! These are Tomy figure prototype/testshots of Mega Blaziken and Mega Charizard X!
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I have 1 Charizard and 2 Blazikens! All three figures were picked up off of Taobao. I tried taking pics of their copywrite info, but it was quite difficult so I'll just type it out here

2014 T-ARTS

I'm really happy to have these in my collection! I love seeing figures in their pure mold color before any of the details are added on. All 3 figures have the same copywrite info. I hope to find more tomy figures like these because I think they have really great sculpts!

I also wanted to thank everyone for their warm welcome on my Introduction post, I really appriciate it!!!